Painting Your Garage

As more people have started to epoxy their garage floors, the garage has become less of a place to park the car and grown into more of living space. People use their garage as a workspace to engage in hobbies and crafts, as a shop space to store home project tools, and as a place to do laundry. Some homeowners even add storage cabinets in their garage.

But, even when the car isn’t left in the driveway, more homeowners are looking to finish their garage. In many cases, they add drywall, installation, lighting and other comforts. The garage is upgraded to match the needs of the family.

As part of a whole house painting project, customers will have the painting company paint the garage, too. Here are some things to consider if you have us paint your garage:

Primer is not paint

Light, but not white paint

Light, but not white paint

Some garages are already primed when the family moves into the home. But, be aware that the primer doesn’t have the durability or the finished look of paint. Exterior acrylic latex paint provides the best protection against dirt and moisture in a garage area.

Before painting a garage, the area should be caulked, and any cracks should be sealed. Once a garage is painted, the paint will provide the means to keep the garage walls cleaner and protect the drywall, as exterior paint offers a seal against elements and moisture.

White is not the best choice

White or slightly off white paint, which looks so lovely in a home, isn’t the ideal choice for a garage. The reason is that white will show every speck of dirt and automobile exhaust in the garage, which isn’t the attractive look a homeowner is hoping to achieve.

Even though white isn't ideal, a lighter color is preferable because it will make the garage seem more spacious and brighter. Along with that same thinking, having great lighting is another upgrade which will pay off handsomely in a garage.

Painting the garage floor is not the same as an epoxy coating

Sometimes, homeowners will see the epoxy coating on the floor of a garage or warehouse and think it’s paint. It isn’t. Painting the garage floor will never have the same effect as an epoxy finish because epoxy doesn’t dry, it cures, and it’s very durable. Once a homeowner understands that these are two very different products, he’s in a position to make a better choice about what he wants in the garage.

If you want your garage painted, either as part of a more significant painting project or on its own, give us a call. We would be happy to hear from you and will provide you with a free estimate.