Details Make Interior Painting Beautiful

When it comes to interior painting, the details make it beautiful.


In our last blog, we talked about how colors, taping, repairs, and skills can make all the difference in the finished job. Today we’re going to talk about more of the painting details which can allow an interior to look it’s best.


It seems illogical that a couple of specks of paint should matter. But, a professional painter doesn’t leave evidence. A professional paint job is like a runway model: beautiful, but you don’t really know how either one got that way. Things like windows, counters, light fixtures, mirrors, switches, tile, and carpeting need to remain paint free.


Ceilings are often a different color than the rest of a room. In a room with a dark color, the ceiling is usually a lighter color, and when the walls are a light color, sometimes the ceiling is painted a little darker. As a customer, you aren’t going to be happy with a wavy line between the two colors. Precision is of the utmost importance.

Also, ceilings are the most cohesive part of a room and are a part of the visual field from anywhere in the room, so it’s essential that flaws in the ceiling are minimal.

Drips and wrinkles in the paint

This one might not be so obvious, but a professional paint job will not have drips or wrinkles in the finished product. The best way to apply paint is more thin coats, rather than one heavy coat. Using quality paint makes a difference, as well. Time for drying should be scheduled between coats, as well. This care in paint application makes the difference between a smooth surface and one which has drips and wrinkles.



The delineation between the molding and the walls needs to be precise, particularly when the walls are a different color or texture than the molding. Molding should also be smooth and free of flaws or breaks.

Drywall repair

Sometimes, an interior will require a small or even a large patch of drywall to repair damage before painting. If the area is incorrectly repaired, or not appropriately primed, the spot will be noticeable and ugly. A professional painting company will do an expert job at drywall repair before the painting.

If you want your home interior painted, and want it to be a smooth, professional process and finished product, we hope you’ll consider us for the job.

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