Current Kitchen Color Trends

As painters, we are fortunate enough to be some of the first to see new kitchen decor trends. While many homeowners have definite ideas about how they want their cabinets refinished, refaced,  or painted, others look to the hottest trends. The reason? The resale value of properties with on-trend kitchens.

So, those considering a home sale, or those who like to lead the pack, here are the newest trends in cabinets.


Black is hot, specifically, matte black, which is soothing and comfortable. Black-On-Black is also popular, with black cabinets topped by black tile, black appliances, and black light fixtures.


Let us paint your kitchen an on-trend color!

Let us paint your kitchen an on-trend color!

When it isn’t black (or even if it is), matte is the texture of the year. Homeowners have decided they have better things to do than wipe every tiny fingerprint off of shiny surfaces, and matte textures will preclude fingerprints and smudges. The same is true for weathered touches such as honed countertops.


Clean, uncluttered countertops and lines leave room for very few focal points, so these focal points are objects of quality or great rarity. So, even though you may still live, laugh, and love in your kitchen, kitschy signage is off the docket.  If it isn’t a handmade, vintage or rare piece, it’s probably not on display in the kitchen this year.


Mixed metals are rampant, and they probably aren’t rose gold, which has been replaced by champagne gold and brass. Even traditionally metal fixtures are favoring a black matte finish.

Wood and white--and shelves above

On the opposite end of the black spectrum are a collection of wood and white, which brings light into the room and the naturally weathered hew of timber. For those who don’t care for the sultry and rare exhibit look, open shelving makes things within handy visual range.

White is still in favor, although white-on-white, not so much, and inevitably not white and glossy, because of fingerprints!

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is still a trend that is in favor with homeowners because it offers so much opportunity for upgrading with so little money compared to a full kitchen remodel. Even refaced cabinets are following the matte trend.

Rounding it out

People are now enjoying fun, rare, and quirky mixes in paint and other options. Odd-sized sinks. Sinks which feature sliding prep space covers designed to both offer more working space and hide the dishes in the sink. Faucets which fold away when not in use. Handmade tiles nod to a hot artesian trend, even as they mix with high-tech appliances to feature a look which offers both comfort and convenience.

If you decide to dip into the current paint trends and want to explore options in cabinet colors and textures, schedule a consultation and let’s talk.

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