Reasons to Have Your Cabinets Painted or Refinished 

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most exciting upgrades possible for a home improvement project. However, many people don’t have the time or money for such a lavish undertaking.

As an alternative, cabinet painting or refinishing offers exciting possibilities. 


Painting or refinishing kitchen cabinets will give the kitchen a whole new look without the cost of a complete remodel. It offers excellent options to the homeowner, and because cabinets take up a vast amount of visual real estate in a kitchen situation, refinishing them will have a tremendous impact.

Here are some of the reasons to refinish or paint your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them:

You like the design of the current cabinets

Some homeowners love the layout of their cabinets. But the drawers and cabinet faces may be damaged, scratched, dinged, or otherwise compromised in a way which means they should be painted or refinished. The original cabinets are kept, but renewed by the painting or refinishing process. The homeowner can usually stick with the old hardware or change it out.

It’s time for a color change

If a homeowner generally likes their cabinets but is ready for a color change, painting is a great option. Some cabinets, like lacquered cabinets, can’t be refinished and will have to be refaced, but it’s still a better option than replacement. A color change will have a profound effect on the entire kitchen. A new color can be one which will complement existing flooring, countertops, or other elements of the kitchen a homeowner would like to highlight.

Save some money, save some trees

Painting is an economically prudent measure, but it’s also a sustainable option. Cabinets take a lot of wood, much of which isn’t visible, but comprises sides, shelves, and backs of the cabinets. Even the cabinet facing represents quite a bit of wood. So it’s easy to see how replacing the entire cabinet set can run into some serious square footage of new material which is often unnecessary.

Talking to a pro

Talking to a professional painter is the best way for a homeowner to get expert ideas, tips, and suggestions. Painters have the skills and experience to help a homeowner navigate through the options as well as avoiding potential pitfalls. By talking over cabinet painting or refinishing, a homeowner is more able to make informed decisions and can benefit from the pro’s awareness of the newest trends in the industry. Because a painter works with the material, it makes him a far better source of information than the employee at the paint store.

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