Why People Choose a Neutral Color for their Home Exterior

When you look around the Valley area, you’ll notice a lot of homes are painted in tans and browns. Today we’re going to examine some reasons homeowners choose to have their exteriors painted in neutral colors.


As a point of embracing the southwestern lifestyle and scenery, many home builders have opted for a stucco exterior and southwestern architecture. One of the features of this style is to paint exterior surfaces in neutral, earth tone colors so the home ‘blends’ with its surroundings. Imagine, if you will, traveling through the desert and suddenly a red or blue or yellow home appears on the horizon. The truth is, it would stick out like a sore thumb! Neutral colors blend in our desert landscape and allow it to shine in all its natural beauty without competing with a purple house for the observer’s gaze.

Easy care

A neutral color is an easy option because it blends well with the surroundings and also blends well with other natural paint colors. Many people take advantage of this by painting different parts of the exterior in different hues. So, for example, the entryway of the home may be a slightly different color than the garage, the trim, or the atrium. If the homeowner is forced to conduct a repair, for example, if someone hits the garage door, there is a beautiful array of colors which the new garage door can be painted which will blend beautifully with the home and look perfectly natural.

Tartesso Pky Buckeye.jpg

Also, when one of our monsoons hit, even if the house gets dusty and stays that way until the next rain, it doesn’t appear tired or shabby.

Classic look

Neutral house paint shades and much like neutral clothing shades in that they never go out of style. A bright, cheerful color looks great for a while, but can sometimes wear out its welcome, and the family will find themselves wanting a different color sooner than is necessary. It isn’t that they’re fickle, it’s just human nature to enjoy natural colors.

Curb appeal

While we may love deep, bold colors, a neutral shade has infinitely more curb appeal than one which is painted to the specific tastes of the individual. If you’re going to be putting your home on the market anytime soon, a neutral shade attracts more buyers, according to research.

Refresh your home

Having a freshly painted home not only add value and curb appeal to your home, but it also adds a shine to the whole neighborhood. No one wants to be the owner of ‘that house,’ and a paint job is always coupled with repairs to the exterior which become evident when the painters assess the situation. You can learn a lot about your home by just walking around it and doing an inspection. Imagine being a painter and having to lay a brush to every inch? That gives you an idea of why painters are the ones who often find and repair minor damage. We even find bug problems such as wasps and termites.

If you’re thinking about making a color change to your home, why not give an excellent painting team a call and get details on a home exterior painting? Now is an excellent time!

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