Reasons to Paint Your Home Exterior Now

While spring is lovely in the Valley, Fall has fewer rain days and milder temperatures, making it an excellent time to apply paint. The kids are back in school, the lawn needs less frequent mowing, and the monsoon season is over. There aren’t any holidays for a couple of months. So, painting now makes more sense than any other time of year.

But there are other reasons, as well. Today we’re going to talk about some of the reasons you should consider painting your home’s exterior.

Paint gives a new look


Exterior paint gives your home a fresh, new look. If you didn’t care for the color of the home when you purchased it, or previously used a paint color you no longer enjoy, painting your house a new color will revitalize your feelings about your home. You’ll remember why you fell in love with it, and nothing creates curb appeal like fresh paint.


Another reason to paint your home is that it will protect the painted surfaces. When paint ages, it loses its ability to protect. New paint prevents sun damage, water damage, aging, and decay. Painting now precludes the need for repair or replacement of wood and other building materials which can rot if unprotected.

Painting adds value to your home

Painting your exterior can also raise the value of your home and encourage neighbors to perform minor upgrades.

Paint is one of the few upgrades which adds more than the cost of the job to the home’s value. While a kitchen remodel only offers 80% ROI, a paint job offers up to 140% ROI. There are virtually no other upgrades which can accomplish as much bang for the buck.

Exterior painting adds value and inspiration to the neighborhood

Pamela Steber, a house hostess for Habitat for Humanity in the Phoenix Valley area, tells us, “We see it a lot: we’ll start building a new house in the neighborhood, and pretty soon the neighbors up and down the street start cleaning and fixing up their homes because they know their property value is about to increase. Neighborhood pride kicks in.”

While painting isn’t on the same caliber as a brand new house, your neighbors are watching when you paint, and some of them may be motivated to beautify their properties, too.

Painting can detect insects and other damage

Finally, exterior painting is a proactive means of insect detection. Many homeowners don’t realize they have a problem with termites, Wood-boring bees or even wasps. Painting is also the time when other types of damage can be discovered and managed while still in the minor stages, thereby preventing a small problem from becoming a more significant repair in the future.

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