Reasons to Have Your Second Home Professionally Painted

Many people own a second home, either as a rental unit or as a place to get out of their regular routine. But, even when the homeowner doesn’t spend a lot of time at the second home, it still needs to be maintained. Here are some reasons you should consider having your second home professionally painted.

It’s easy to be busy and distracted, and the things which are out of sight, can also be ‘out of mind.’ But, no one wants to spend time in their vacation home to fall into disrepair. Painting it creates value on a number of different levels, which can give the homeowner peace of mind that his money was well spent.

Controls problem areas

Missing shutters and other anomalies will come into question during a painting job, thereby saving the owner from having to ‘make a list.’.

Missing shutters and other anomalies will come into question during a painting job, thereby saving the owner from having to ‘make a list.’.

Especially for second homes, which aren’t always inhabited, insects have a way of finding the nooks and crannies and settling in. The painting process will reveal flaws and will rid the home of things like old bird nests, spider eggs and webs, wasp nests, and other bugs and their homes.

As we said before, when a second home is not inhabited by the owner, it can fall prey to things like flaking and chipping, which can be easy to overlook if the owner doesn’t inhabit the home on a regular basis. Getting rid of these problems can ‘factory reset’ the home from them, and leave it clean and fresh.


As with anything out of doors, the accumulation of dirt can make a home unsightly. The painting process gets rid of dirt, dust, and pollutants which may cling to the home and make it look tired. An unkempt property becomes a good target for vandalism and break-ins.

Curb appeal

Second homes should be painted just as often as the primary home. In some cases, it should be painted even more frequently than the primary home, particularly if it’s a rental or used by vacationers. Curb appeal can be an enormously compelling force to renters and command a higher price in the rental market.

In addition, if the homeowner ever decides to sell the home, keeping it perpetually clean and beautiful will send a message to neighbors that the home has been cared for on a regular basis, making them more likely to spread the word to their friends when a home becomes available in their area.

Peace of mind

Care for a second home can bring peace of mind as the homeowner can rest easy knowing the home looks good and has been protected from the ravages of dirt, rot, insects, chipping, and warping. It is particularly heartening to spend a weekend in a second home which looks great and is already clean and beautiful.

If you own a second home or rental, consider having it painted from time to time to keep it looking its best. An expert with years of experience is the best person to do this job. Even though the current tenant/occupant may offer to do the painting, the very best results will be obtained by hiring a professional painting company.

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