How Your Choice in Kitchen Colors Reflect Your Personality

When it comes to choices in kitchen colors, the sky's the limit. The colors and even the selection of patterns, or lack thereof, within those colors, is astounding. Sometimes, the choices we make are a reflection of our personality. What does your favorite kitchen color say about you? Below, we’ve listed some of the more common choices and given our take on their meaning. Of course, like any prediction, these are for entertainment purposes only.



Beige is for people who want to keep their options open. A beige kitchen gives the homeowner great options and the choice of using a lot of different colors for the various elements in their kitchen or bath. People who choose beige enjoy a natural beauty and work well with others.


Brown is rich, warm, and rustic. Browns are a bold, beautiful choice which brings the room alive. If you choose brown, your room will exude a natural ambiance. Plus, it will make any features or decorations in the kitchen stand out. If you prefer brown, it says a lot about your love of life and natural beauty.


White makes a room feel big. If you choose white, you've opted for clean openness and breeziness. People who select white kitchens embrace life and fun. While white can be a challenge to keep looking spotless, people who enjoy white are not afraid of a little work, or a small amount of dirt.



Kitchens in deep color tones reveal an exotic nature and a penchant for the unusual. People who choose color toned kitchens enjoy a striking, glamorous touch. If you select a vibrant color, you have style and passion. You want to live life to its fullest.



Black is pure drama in a kitchen. Black shines and gleams in a way that says it’s not messing around. People who choose black are bold and unafraid. If you prefer black, you are decisive.

Sometimes, a homeowner will buy a house which already has a color theme in it. If this is your situation, and the color in your kitchen or bath isn’t what would have been your first choice, don’t despair! The room can genuinely become a reflection of your personality by just changing some of the other elements to your preference. For example, new curtains, paint, or a different counter or backsplash can create a focal point and change the whole feeling of the room.

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